Is this a free event?  Yes!  We do not charge to come into the park and enjoy Sawdust Days.  We rely on sponsorships to keep this a free event for everyone to enjoy.  There is a cover charge after a certain time in the Entertainment tent during the evening and night hours.


When is Sawdust Days?  Sawdust Days is always the 3rd weekend of September.  This year It’s September 17-19 2021


I would like to be a vendor at Sawdust Days, where do I apply?  Click here for our Vendor Application


Where do I fill out a form to be in your parade?  Click here for our Parade Application


We would like to fundraise for our group at Sawdust Days, how do we go about doing that?  Click here for our Event Application


I have an idea for an event to bring to Sawdust Days, how do I go about contacting someone?  You can email us at or send us a message on Facebook at Hemlock Sawdust Days and then fill out our event application form here


Where is Sawdust Days held?  It’s held at the beautiful Richland Township Park located in Hemlock, MI